Matthew Wallenstein announced as Chief Soil Scientist with Syngenta

“Some personal news: I’ll be starting a new role as Chief Soil Scientist with Syngenta on April 18. Working across business units, I’ll be building the leading soil health platform by harnessing big data to inform management practices, products, and services that regenerate soils across the globe. Soil health will be key to climate-resilient agriculture that supports human well-being and livelihoods and preserves and restores biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.

It’s hard to leave my amazing colleagues at Colorado State University after 16 years. I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished together, especially over the last four years as I’ve had the honor to serve as department head of Soil and Crop Sciences. But, I’ll be staying in Fort Collins and will continue to support CSU in new ways. I’ll also remain active in the scientific community, contributing to and supporting cutting-edge science and innovation.

I couldn’t be more excited for this new opportunity, and grateful to the numerous students, collaborators, and colleagues that have helped me along the way!” – Matthew Wallenstein

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