Our Approach

  • Process
  • Partnership with Clients
  • Diversity
  • Talent Mapping and Succession Planning
  • Regional Connections and Global Reach


For any campaign, as for any large scale high value project, process management is key. Resourcing a campaign team will help ensure that the campaign is able to progress efficiently and yield timely results. Successful campaigns require significant investment in process and carry with them a major administrative burden. We take charge of all process aspects and agree milestones and responsibilities with our client partners at the outset of the campaign. The greater the preparation that goes into a campaign the greater the success in the outcome.

Partnership with Clients

A major campaign requires a deep level of partnership working between Perrett Laver and our Client. Teamwork coordination, frequent communication as well as appropriate milestones, measurements and feedback loops all contribute towards a smooth and successfully run campaign. Through supporting partner clients on multi-appointment, often multi-year, campaigns we build relationships based upon honesty and trust. We support organisations with advice and counsel on how to structure roles and distinguish responsibilities, and how to approach appointments as part of a larger picture of organisational recruitment.


We pursue diversity throughout every stage of our processes and bring a deep understanding of the potential barriers to achieving diversity across our sectors at every level. Frequently campaigns are a way in whichclients address in a bold way, systemic issues in diversity hires. Other campaign programmes take a holistic view across all areas whether gender, ethnicity, ability, sexual and romantic orientation, age, socio economic backgrounds, and other lived experience, and consider transferable skills as core success measures in building an impactful team.

Talent Mapping and Succession Planning

We have run numerous campaigns designed to deliver next generation talent and proactive succession planning. As such, to ensure our knowledge of the potential market is contemporary, fresh, and aware of dynamic emerging talent, we conduct regular talent mapping exercises for ourselves and for our clients often coupled with structured development programmes. We are not transactional in our approach, and often these programmes are structured on a multi-year or continuous basis.

Regional Connections and Global Reach

Many of our campaigns require us to bring “glocal” expertise. We are able to bring forward deep in market and in region knowledge and connections together with exceptional global reach and coverage. This capability is especially important in campaigns that are seeking leading lights scattered across the globe, or when seeking to identify returning nationals.


As a firm, at any point in time we are driving forward a range of initiatives both for our clients and ourselves.