About Us

Perrett Laver works globally to identify outstanding leaders for organisations that are solving the world’s biggest challenges and have extraordinary impact in society.

Our role is to connect the most influential and vibrant organisations in our sectors with the highest capacity and most dynamic leaders – based on a common set of values and a shared vision for the future.

We are genuinely passionate about our client organisations. Our understanding of each client’s values and culture ensures we identify candidates from both traditional and unconventional sources, who can bring fresh thinking and make a real impact. It also enables us to represent our clients candidly and accurately, giving a realistic appraisal of the differentiators, opportunities and challenges that will attract the strongest individuals.

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Global Reach

All of our sectors require borderless executive search. We have developed deep expertise in the identification of global candidates and securing of overseas appointees. We engage candidates in a proactive and detailed interaction that considers a wide array of motivations, cultural sensitivities and highly practical personal details, including building knowledge of each country’s tax and pension context, schooling, housing and lifestyle.

In support of this we have purposefully built an international team, drawing colleagues from across the world and ensuring a breadth of cultural and linguistic capability.

Cross Sectoral Reach

Advising both public and private sector clients, Perrett Laver connects the world’s most influential organisations with the world’s most dynamic leaders. Our philosophy of search without borders applies as much to industry verticals as it does to geography. Our consultants collaborate across practices as much as regions, drawing from the expertise of their colleagues across each of our areas of expertise.

As boundaries between sectors become increasingly porous, we realise the importance of defining and assessing the kind of leadership that can transition sectors effectively.


We are committed to building a firm which operates and behaves in a way that is consistent with the common values and responsibilities of all of our client sectors. We also deploy our expertise and resources within society as a whole in such a way as to make a lasting positive contribution. We are dedicated to minimising our environmental impact, through various initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint of our business and our supply chain.

Perrett Laver has a thriving employee volunteering programme and colleagues are actively encouraged to share their skills via volunteering opportunities and are awarded a number of ‘volunteer leave’ days to donate their time. We encourage colleagues to sit on Boards of educational and charitable organisations with on-going time commitments made outside of office hours.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Perrett Laver believes in the importance of equality in the workplace. We are committed to preventing acts of modern slavery and human trafficking from occurring within our business and the supply chain. As a leading international executive search firm working with ‘mission-driven’ sectors worldwide, advising on leadership transitions in over 60 countries, our supply chain is simple in comparison to many other organisations outside of our industry. We consider that there is a low risk of labour exploitation or other forms of slavery and human trafficking occurring within our business and in our supply chain, but remain committed to preventing these practices. 

We work primarily with SME suppliers for our IT, legal, accountancy, reprographics, media, advertising and design such that we have insight into their supply chains and recruitment methods. We expect the staff employed in our supply chain, whether permanent or temporary, to have the same basic rights at work as our own employees. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure good visibility of their practices and conduct due diligence processes in relation to slavery and human trafficking. We commit to continuing to monitor the risk in our supply chains.

We have a robust recruitment process, in line with relevant Employment laws in the regions in which we operate. We ensure that all our employees have the right to work in the relevant country and pay employees into a bank account with their own name. Our whistleblowing policy, publicised to all on arrival and as part of our induction process.

Carbon Footprint

Perrett Laver believes it is of the utmost importance that we reduce our environment impact wherever practical. Carbon reducing measures form an integral part of our overall strategy, helping to improve both operational performance and a reduction in potentially harmful emissions to land, water, and air.

Perrett Laver’s current medium-term plan is to work towards a realistic yet challenging target to reduce its carbon footprint to 0% within 4 years.

To help achieve our carbon footprint, we will:

  • Comply with all current energy legislation, seeking to meet or better legislative targets
  • Minimise waste, promote recycling and the use of recycled products to help reduce the burden of landfill and therefore methane generation.
  • Promote environmental awareness and responsibility amongst employees, partners, contractors and service users in projects in which Perrett Laver is involved and will seek, where practicable, to continuously improve environmental performance.
  • Evaluate and where possible adopt means of reducing travelling including continuing to hold meetings via video conferencing.
  • Evaluate the potential benefits of home working.
  • Evaluate the potential benefits of carbon offsetting such as tree planting.
    Encourage Perrett Laver colleagues to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Expect partners and suppliers to have credible, measurable carbon footprint policies.

Work for us

Bring us your values, convictions, intellectual rigour and creative flair. You will become intimately involved with the leadership challenges facing some of the world’s most dynamic and high profile organisations