Diversity and Inclusion


As a firm, at any point in time we are driving forward a range of initiatives both for our clients and ourselves.

  • Inclusive Recruitment
  • Investing in inclusive leadership
  • Delivering on Reconciliation Action Plans
  • Strengthening Governance
  • Creating a diversity centric culture
  • Building capacity for the future

Inclusive Recruitment

We engage with all clients with the intention of strengthening and improving inclusive recruitment processes.

We understand and value different backgrounds and opinions, consider best practice in terms of outreach, advertising, applications and interviews, and work with our clients on questions around onboarding and inclusion.

Investing in inclusive leadership

Perrett Laver are active investors in numerous networks and advocacy groups. Through partnership and collaboration with these organisations we seek to support aspiring leaders and to help bring forward leaders who will strengthen diversity.

We also frequently fund studies and reports addressing the issues and challenges that face organisations and sectors as they try to build a more representative leadership team and culture.

Delivering on Reconciliation Action Plans

We recognise and acknowledge the need for our organisation to commit to the support and empowerment of First Peoples.

We are nurturing a spirit of reconciliation in the communities that we work.

In Australia, for example, our RAP framework will enable us to define our vision for reconciliation, gain a deeper cultural awareness and understanding of the nation’s First Peoples and how we can engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, communities and organisations within our sphere of influence in a meaningful way.

Strengthening Governance

Public facing organisations should have boards that are representative of both the communities that they serve and society as a whole.

The rationale for diversity and inclusion at board level is something that Perrett Laver fundamentally supports.

We appreciate that we as a firm, our clients and our society are all on a journey where we are seeking to collectively make change.

Our Board Practice is constantly working with our clients and sector partners on a range of tools, processes and approaches that will support – not only diverse recruitment – but inclusive and welcoming board culture.

Creating a diversity centric culture

We celebrate our own global, multicultural and diverse workforce and value the individual perspectives and talents our people bring, collectively enriching our culture and our work.

Through our own regular review of our firm’s EDI activities we have implemented a process of continuous improvement.

We recognise that as a company we need to challenge ourselves to modernise and adapt. Our dedicated EDI team advise the corporate officers on areas for improvement and we conduct external review on a frequent basis, and the imperative for inclusivity and anti-racism is held by each of our employees.

Building capacity for the future

We partner with a number of networks and organisations that support the development of opportunities across a range of minority groups.

We are also catalysing our own initiatives that seek to support opportunities for career development for next generation leaders across a range of minority groups.

Take a look at our Appointments

We outline case studies that demonstrate our commitment to deliver equity, diversity and inclusion across our practices and geographies.