Wellcome Trust, Head Mental Health Priority Area

Professor Miranda Wolpert, MB, a world expert on child and adolescent mental health, has been appointed Head of mental health priority area for the Wellcome Trust.

Talking about her new Wellcome role, Miranda says: “I’m excited about the prospect of facilitating the creation of a new ‘super-field’ of mental health science. We will focus initially on emerging depression and anxiety in young people.”

“To achieve this means bringing diverse groups together such as: biological scientists with big data analysts; clinicians with community providers; social scientists with social entrepreneurs.”

“Our task is to join together to develop a common understanding to create secure foundations for the emerging science of mental health. Together we can build a new future for the majority of us who will face mental health problems at some point in our lives.”

Miranda is Founder and Director of the Evidence Based Practice Unit (EBPU) and co-Founder and Director of the Child Outcomes Research Consortium (CORC). She also advises the UK Department of Health and NHS England and is currently chairing an international working group to agree common outcome measures for children and young people with anxiety and depression as part of the ICHOM initiative.