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Thank you for your interest in joining Munster Technological University (MTU). MTU was established on 1st January 2021 and is the newest University in the South-West with six campuses across Cork and Kerry. We have over 18,000 learners, 2,000 staff and 140 courses and programmes ranging from apprenticeships, degrees, Masters to PhDs. Our mission is to lead change and, through education, empower people for a successful future in a globalised world.  

This is an exciting time to join the MTU community as we continue through a period of transition and transformation. MTU is the first new university to be established in the region since 1845 and primed to make a lasting impact. Through our distinct focus on high quality teaching, industry partnership, and community engagement and development, MTU provides significant contribution to the South-West region of Ireland. 

MTU is the second of five Technological Universities to be established in Ireland. With an emphasis on collaboration, entrepreneurship, and work-placement, MTU produces work-ready graduates and provides upskilling and reskilling opportunities through close collaboration with employers. The six campuses of MTU provide distinctive offerings, identities and cultures in the context of the cohesive integration into the character and identity of a single, unitary University. As MTU continues to grow and transition, the South-West region is similarly set to realise a significant expansion in its population and enterprise activity and MTU is ready to serve to empower and enhance the region to meet the demands of the future.   

We launched our first University strategic plan, Our Shared Vision 2022-2027 in October 2022 which sets out ambitious goals and objectives to make MTU a truly great, globally competitive university. Sustainability and equality, diversity and inclusion are strategic enablers that run through all aspects of the strategy as we continue to focus on creating the best learner and staff experience possible. This will be achieved by promoting excellence at the University and expanding research, innovation, and entrepreneurship, which in turn will help drive social and economic development in Ireland’s South-West region. A particular opportunity for MTU is to lead the economic opportunities and potential of climate action and digitalisation regionally and nationally through industry and community partnerships.  

You will be an integral member of the University leadership team as we progress through our current strategy and the next stage of our transformation.  


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Applications should consist of a full curriculum vitae detailing academic and professional qualifications and experience, full employment history showing the more significant positions, responsibilities held, relevant achievements and budgets and staff managed. CVs should be accompanied by a covering letter describing how candidates meet the criteria outlined in the candidate profile and why the appointment is of interest. Candidates are asked to set out briefly their vision for the role. Additional assessments may form part of the interview process.

Discover the South-West Region of Ireland

Ireland, at the heart of Europe, is seen as a great place to do business and is home to most leading global companies. The South-West, boasting a population of 660,000, is synonymous with friendly, welcoming atmospheres, vibrant nightlife, and stunning scenery. Both Cork and Kerry have become booming hubs of Life Sciences, Technology and Pharmaceutical industries.  

The region also is surrounded by spectacular landscapes including ancient castles, the Wild Atlantic Way, peaceful rural villages and cosmopolitan cities creating the perfect work-life balance.


What provision is in place for those who complete their terms in the fixed-term posts?

The fixed-term posts will have a ‘step-back’ provision to a role determined by the President of MTU following appropriate discussion with the appointee, mindful of the skills and experience of the individual and the requirements of MTU at the time of the step-back taking place. The step-back grades are in the process of being determined and will be communicated in due course.